Amp & Gear Ordering

Made in Canada

London Power‘s line of pre-built equipment for studio use is produced to order on a short turn-around cycle. All units are hand assembled and hand soldered, and then rigorously tested and burned in. Because this takes time, we prefer to discuss the needs of each client prior to accepting the order.

Contact us at [email protected] or 807-473-0952 with your purchase inquiry, and we can discuss your needs and determine the shipping cost to your locale prior to processing the order.

Prices are in Canadian dollars.
GOOD NEWS – Our prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD), and are economical compared with US dollars (USD).
At present (Spring 2020), $1 CAD is worth approximately 75 cents US.

How to Pay:

Contact us via phone or email to find out the ship rate to your locale and the order total.


We accept payment by Bank wire transfer. There is a $14 bank fee for the wire transfer (our banking fee, passed on to you).
The received amount in Canadian funds must be the amount for product plus shipping, plus $14.
A shortage in your payment will delay processing and require a further transfer. Your bank will make the currency exchange between your local currency and CAD$.
Contact London Power for bank transfer info.


For Canadians only: you may use Interac e-Transfer once the product cost, shipping and applicable taxes are determined.

What’s Included with Your Amp:

Preamp tubes are included for all units that use them, including our STUDIO, KC25, 3-D T, 3-D TL, All-Tube Bass Preamp.
Power tubes are NOT included, as the user is encouraged to experiment with various types and combinations.


Price List SPRING 2020

Product$ CND(Equiv. in USD)
ATBP All-Tube Bass Preamp2,640Approx. 2,110 USD
STUDIO All-Tube Power Amp2,820Approx. 2,260 USD
KC25 All-Tube EL-84 Power Amp2,820Approx. 2,260 USD
3-D S Solid-state Reverb with LEDs2,010Approx. 1,610 USD
3-D SL Solid-state Reverb with LEDs2,010Approx. 1,610 USD
3-D T Tube Reverb, no LEDs2,430Approx. 1,950 USD
3-D TL Tube Reverb with LEDs2,430Approx. 1,950 USD
ICON Six-Channel All-Tube Guitar Preamplifier2,840Approx. 2,280 USD
SUPER-STANDARD Vacuum-Tube Guitar Preamplifier2,130Approx. 1,710 USD
FS4-2W Footswitch for Pro Gear360Approx. 290 USD
1U6-BRKT Rack-Mount Bracket for 1U Units39Approx. 30 USD
2U6-BRKT Rack-Mount Bracket for 2U Units45Approx. 35 USD


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