PA66-CR – Cathode-Bias Switching Relays

CAD $24.00


Our PA66-CR Cathode-Bias Switching Relays fit onto our PA66 or PX66 power amp projects for easy and/or remote switching between cathode-bias and fixed-bias.

Where manual switches can be wired to PA66 for global or independent switching of the bias method, using PA66-CR greatly simplifies this step. Power for the relays is readily attained from the AUX supply of any of London Power’s PSU power supply kits for power amps, including PSU-TPA, PSU-10, PSU-25, or PSU-50.

PA66-CR includes the relays only. These solder directly to PA66 or PX66. Add another PA66-CR for each PX66 added.

Wiring diagram is included.