GND – Ground Link Isolator

CAD $15.00


GND replaces the old-fashioned ground ‘lift’ switch of old with a modern automatic ground-link ground-isolator circuit.

  • provides a ground reference when no other is available
  • prevents ground loops between equipment
  • provides an RF ground to reduce RF breakthrough
  • must be used in equipment with wired grounds, not random chassis grounds

Ground loops between equipment powered from the AC mains can cause hum (50-60Hz) at the system output. Breaking safety grounds should NEVER be done, and breaking signal grounds is speculative at best. GND provides a DC ground connection within the equipment it is mounted in, as all electrically powered devices must be grounded to be hum-free. When connected to another AC-powered device, GND allows that other device’s ground to dominate if it is “harder” or “lower impedance” than GND. The system will again be hum-free. If every piece in the system uses a GND-style ground link isolator, the system will again be hum-free.

GND is comprised of a few small components that are soldered together by the installer. GND is secured to the equipment chassis using a single bolt. In hand-wired amps, GND can be mounted on an eyelet or turret board.

Chassis space required: about 1×2″ (25x50mm)