SV2 + VCK (+TREM) Power Scaling Combo

CAD $137.00CAD $244.00

Cathode-biased amplifiers demand full power even at idle, which pulls the supply voltage down to a value that stays approximately the same, even when the amp is driven to full output. In a Power Scaled, cathode-biased amp, as the Power Scale control is dialed down, the supply voltage will rise as it becomes “unloaded”. This will change the tonal contribution of the preamp at low power settings. Adding VCK to stabilize the preamp voltage to the stock “loaded” value will keep the tonal contribution of the preamp constant with any Power Scale setting.

It is a very rare instance, such as for a custom amp with internally regulated voltages, that VCK is not required in a cathode biased amp.

Now you can get our SV2 Power Scaling Kit for Cathode-Biased Amps, and VCK together, at a discount!

Most Vox amps have Tremolo fitted that works globally on all preamp sounds – the Fender Princeton is like this, too. Tremolo is applied to the grids of the output tubes so if the amp is Power Scaled the tremolo effect will be out of proportion. Adding the TREM kit fixes this issue. We offer a combo of SV2 + VCK + TREM for these applications.

Both combos are available as DIY kits to be assembled by the installer and as pre-assembled kits requiring only installation. All combos come with schematics, all components, and PCBs.