TOT – Tonnes of Tone

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Tonnes of Tone – Electronic Projects for Guitar and Bass

By Kevin O’Connor, ©1996, ISBN 0-9698-608-2-X

105 pages, 8-1/2″ x 11″, spiral bound with clear protective covers;
65 figures (schematic diagrams)

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Tonnes of Tone features operational information and construction guidelines for an array of useful projects:

  • The “Mandatory Project”, intended to prevent future projects from “going up in smoke.”
  • Also included: tips on setting up a convenient workspace.
  • Acoustic Preamps – save hundreds of dollars with these simple projects that will enable you to use your existing amplifier with an acoustic instrument.
  • Experimenter’s Power Supply – a dedicated bench supply to power any tube-based project. Supplies enough power for any preamp up to six 12AX7s, or for a small 15W tube amp.
  • Electric Guitar Preamp – using two 12AX7s, includes a clean and a dirty channel, with separate EQ for each.
  • Bass Preamps – with an explanation of what is unique to a tube preamp for bass, and how modern techniques can improve tonal flexibility.
  • Small Tube Power Amp – build a 10W-15W power amp and learn the principles of tube amplification.
  • Class-A Solid-State Power Amp – a simple circuit designed for hi-fi is adapted to guitar use.
  • Reverb Unit – build a stand-alone reverb using readily available parts for a classic tube sound.
  • Wide-Range Tremolo Circuit – can be used as a pedal or incorporated into an existing amp to free up a tube.

Tonnes of Tone by Kevin O'Connor - open bookEach project uses off-the-shelf parts that are inexpensive and easy to find. Background information, assembly and testing tips are provided for each circuit, to enhance understanding.

The intended reader should have experience with a soldering iron and multimeter. The ability to read a schematic diagram is helpful but not essential.

Note: “Tonnes” are metric “tons”!

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