TUT5 – The Ultimate Tone Vol. 5

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The Ultimate Tone Vol. 5 – Tone Capture

By Kevin O’Connor, ©2004, ISBN 0-9698-608-9-7

277 pages, 8-1/2″ x 11″, spiral bound with clear protective covers;
183 figures (schematic diagrams)

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Tone is a subjective thing.

Tone can come from your hands. It can come from your instrument. It can be bestowed by tubes or transistors. Speakers can make or break a sound. Good tone enlivens and enriches.

Every part of your system contributes to your Ultimate Tone, so every part is important. It would be nice if no part of the system degraded the tone or moved us away from the tone we desire, but sometimes this seems inevitable. Learning how each component contributes to the sound is the key to success. Thus, we can minimize the impact of unwanted influence.

TUT5 delineates in clear language the role of each electronic component in a circuit, and how alterations to the value of each part affect the final sound.

The Ultimate Tone - Vol. 5 - open book

The optimization of interstage attenuators is clearly presented using proven repeatable techniques that let the circuit builder “see” where sustain is being lost, and how it can be restored. Transformer specifications are standardized and demystified, and the complete line of “Classic” transformers from Hammond is given expanded, modernized listings. A simple procedure for matching output and power transformers is presented, with examples and suggested combinations. Building your next amp will be a breeze with this handy look-up table and procedure.

The project format established in TUT3 is followed once again to present design challenges and solutions covering a diversity of system approaches, including: Tube Super Scalers up to 450W to make your sound louder without tone change; The Swede all-tube guitar amp for the Yngwie sound; the Stentorian for loud clean bass thunder; the MultiScreamer four-way boost pedal; the Standard all-tube Power Scaling guitar amp with two-channel preamp, reverb and effects loop; a three-way amp switcher; dumpster projects using inexpensive parts to achieve multi-rectifier tones; mains voltage adjustments; and much more. All projects use off-the-shelf parts and can be built in standard Hammond chassis.

The student becomes the master!

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