Expanded Data by LONDON POWER

Plate supply + 6V heater supply + 5V heater or second 6V heater as applicable
The original data for these parts has been standardised to make selection simpler. Supplemental data is provided in the new standard format. Part numbers with * are available in the 300-series with universal primaries. See below.

  • All specs 'AC' except as noted.
  • 'DC' specs are for capacitive input filter and full-wave solid-state rectification.
  • X-vertical, Z-horizontal, X/Z-available in both formats standard

• VATOTAL Maximum power throughput all secondaries combined at full rated load
• Heater#1 Main 6V heater winding: voltage, centre-tap, power rating, current rating
• Heater#2 Main 5V heater winding or second 6V heater: voltage, centre-tap,
  power rating, current rating
• Plate winding High voltage plate supply: end-to-end voltage and total power rating;
  rated mADC assuming capacitive input filter and half-bridge full-wave
  rectification; DC output possibilities using both half-bridge full-wave
  rectification (low output voltage) and full-bridge full-wave rectification
  (high voltage)
• Mass Weight in pounds; old tabled value; most units are slightly lighter
  at the time of writing

Ham# VATOTAL Heater#1 Heater#2 Plate winding Mass
263AX* 32VA    5V--10VA 200VCT--22VA      (100mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
        2A 100V--220mA  or  200V--110mA   
            142VDC-155mADC 284VDC-78mADC   
269AX* 40VA 6V3--12.6VA    250VCT--27.4VA    (100mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
      2A    125V--220mA   or   250V--110mA   
            177VDC-155mADC 344VDC-78mADC   
269BX* 38VA 6V3--12.6VA    300VCT--25.4VA     (75mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    2A   150V--170mA   or   300V--85mA  
        212VDC-120mADC 424VDC-60mADC  
263CX 116VA    5V--15VA 360VCT--101VA      (250mADC-RATED) 5.5 lbs
         3A 180V--560mA   or   360V--280mA   
            255VDC-392mADC 510VDC-196mADC   
269EX* 43VA 6V3--15.8VA   380VCT--27.2VA     (65mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    2A5   190V--143mA   or   380V--72mA  
        268VDC-100mADC 536VDC-50mADC  
269GX* 48VA 6V3--15.8VA   450VCT--32.2VA     (65mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    2A5   225V--143mA   or  450V--72mA  
        318VDC-100mADC 636VDC-50mADC  
270X 41VA 6V3--9.45VA 5V--10VA 480VCT--21.5VA  (40mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    1A5 2A 240V--90mA   or  480V--45mA  
        340VDC-56mADC 680VDC-28mADC  
270AX* 42VA 6V3--15.8VA   480VCT--26.2VA   (50mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    2A5   240V--109mA  or  480V--54mA  
        340VDC-77mADC 680VDC-38mADC  
269JX* 50VA 6V3--15.8VA   500VCT--34.2VA   (60mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    2A5   250V--137mA  or  500V--68mA  
        353VDC-96mADC 707VDC-48mADC  
270CAX 65VA 6V3--15.8VA 5V--10VA 500VCT--39.2VA     (70mADC-RATED) 5.0 lbs
    2A5 2A 250V--156mA   or   500V--78mA  
        353VDC-390mADC 707VDC-195mADC  
270DAX 76VA 6V3--22VA 5V--20VA 520VCT--54VA       (90mADC-RATED) 5.5 lbs
    3A5 4A 260V--207mA   or   520V--103mA  
        368VDC-146mADC 736VDC-73mADC  
270BX* 53VA 6V3--12.6VA 5V--10VA 550VCT--30.4VA   (50mADC-RATED) 3.3 lbs
    2A 2A 275V--110mA  or  550V--55mA  
        388VDC-78mADC 776VDC-39mADC  
270CX* 59VA 6V3--15.8VA 6V3--3.8VA 550VCT--39.5VA    (65mADC-RATED) 3.3 lbs
    2A5 600mA 275V--143mA   or  550V--72mA  
        388VDC-100mADC 776VDC-50mADC  
270DX/Z* 83VA 6V3--18.9VA 5V--10VA 550VCT--54VA        (90mADC-RATED) 4.5 lbs
    3A 2A 275V--196mA   or   550V--88mA  
        388VDC-138mADC 776VDC-69mADC  
270EX 118VA 6V3--25.2VA 5V--15VA 550VCT--77.8VA    (125mADC-RATED) 5.5 lbs
    4A 3A 275V--282mA   or  550V--141mA  
        388VDC-200mADC 576VDC-100mADC  
270FX* 138VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 550VCT--91.5VA     (150mADC-RATED) 6.0 lbs
    5A 3A 275V--332mA   or   550V--166mA  
        388VDC-235mADC 776VDC-117mADC  
270HX* 176VA 6V3--37.8VA 5V--15VA 550VCT--123.2VA   (200mADC-RATED) 8.0 lbs
    6A 3A 275V--448mA   or   550V--224mA  
        388VDC-316mADC 776VDC-158mADC  
271X 63VA 6V3--12.6VA 5V--10VA 560VCT--40.4VA     (60mADC-RATED) 3.5 lbs
    2A 2A 280V--144mA   or   560V--72mA  
        396VDC-102mADC 792VDC-51mADC  


Ham# VATOTAL Heater#1 Heater#2 Plate winding Mass
272BX* 95VA 6V3--18.9VA 5V--10VA 600VCT--66VA      (100mADC-RATED) 5.5 lbs
    3A 2A 300V--220mA  or  600V--110mA  
        424VDC-156mADC 848VDC-78mADC  
272DX 123VA 6V3--25.2VA 5V--15VA 600VCT--82.8VA   (125mADC-RATED) 6.0 lbs
    4A 3A 300V--276mA  or  600V--138mA  
        424VDC-195mADC 848VDC-97mADC  
272FX* 146VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 600VCT--99.5VA   (150mADC-RATED) 8.0 lbs
    5A 3A 300V--332mA  or  600V--166mA  
        424VDC-234mADC 848VDC-117mADC  
272HX 186VA 6V3--37.8VA 5V--15VA 600VCT--133.2VA (200mADC-RATED) 8.0 lbs
    6A 3A 300V--444mA  or  600V--222mA  
        424VDC-314mADC 848VDC-157mADC  
272JX* 236VA 6V3--50.4VA 5V--20VA 600VCT--165.6VA (250mADC-RATED) 10.5 lbs
    8A 4A 300V--552mA  or  600V--276mA  
        424VDC-390mADC 848VDC-195mADC  
276X 150VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 640VCT--103.5VA  (150mADC-RATED) 7.0 lbs
    5A 3A 320V--323mA   or  640V--162mA  
        450VDC-228mADC 900VDC-114mADC  
273AZ 35VA 6V3--12.6VA 5V--10VA 650VCT--12.4VA  (40mADC-RATED) 2.5 lbs
    2A 2A 325V--38mA  or   650V--19mA  
        460VDC-27mADC 920VDC-13mADC  
273CX/Z 159VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 650VCT--112.5VA (150mADC--RATED) 8.0 lbs
    5A 3A 325V--346mA  or  650V--173mA  
        460VDC-244mADC 920VDC-122mADC  
273DX/Z 101VA 6V3--18.9VA 5V--10VA 700VCT--72VA      (90mADC-RATED) 6.0 lbs
    3A 2A 350V--206mA  or  700V--103mA  
        500VDC-144mADC 1kVDC-72mADC  
273X* 120VA 6V3--25.2VA 5V--10VA 700VCT--84.8VA    (110mADC-RATED) 7.0 lbs
    4A 2A 350V--242mA  or   700V--121mA  
        500VDC-171mADC 1kVDC-85mADC  
273BX* 182VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 700VCT--135VA     (175mADC-RATED) 8.8 lbs
    5A 3A 350V--387mA   or  700V--193mA  
        500VDC-274mADC 1kVDC-137mADC  
274AX 198VA 6V3--37.8VA 5V--15VA 720VCT--145.2VA (120mADC-RATED) 12 lbs
    6A 3A 360V--403mA  or  720V--201mA  
        510VDC-284mADC 1k02VDC-142mADC  
274X 138VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 750VCT--91.5VA    (110mADC-RATED) 7.0 lbs
    5A 3A 375V--244mA  or   750V--122mA  
        530VDC-172mADC 1k6VDC-86mADC  
274BX* 198VA 6V3--37.8VA 5V--15VA 750VCT--145.2VA  (175mADC-RATED) 8.8 lbs
    6A 3A 375V--387mA   or  750V--193mA  
        530VDC-274mADC 1k6VDC-137mADC  
275X 176VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 800VCT--129.5VA (135mADC-RATED) 8.8 lbs
    5A 3A 400V--387mA   or  800V--193mA  
        565VDC-274mADC 1k13VDC-137mADC  
278X* 229VA 6V3--37.8VA 5V--15VA 800VCT--176.2VA  (200mADC-RATED) 10.5 lbs
    6A 3A 400V--324mA   or  800V--162mA  
        565VDC-228mADC 1k13VDC-114mADC  
278CX* 454VA 6V3--37.8VA   800VCT--416.2VA  (465mADC-RATED) 16 lbs
    6A   400V--1,040mA  or 800V--520mA  
        565VDC-735mADC  1k13VDC-376mADC  
279X 186VA 6V3--31.5VA 5V--15VA 850VCT--139.5VA  (150mADC-RATED) 12 lbs
    5A 3A 425V--328mA   or  850V--164mA  
        600VDC-232mADC 1k2VDC-116mADC  
282X 273VA 6V3--37.8VA 5V--15VA 1kVCT--220.2VA    (200mADC-RATED) 14 lbs
    6A 3A 500V--440mA   or  1kV--220mA  
        700VDC-311mADC 1k4VDC--155mADC  


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