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Linear Audio Tools for the Recording Studio and Players

Over twenty years ago, London Power began ‘The Quiet Revolution’ when we introduced the first commercially available guitar tube amplifier with Power Scaling.

Our focus has always been to provide thoughtfully designed equipment with extreme versatility, low noise, and the best note articulation possible; to build exemplary products that are at once familiar yet far-reaching in their advancement of the art of guitar amp design; to provide equipment that empowers and inspires the player to new levels of expression and musical satisfaction; and to assure longevity of service that only analog circuitry and discreet-component construction can offer.

We do things linearly, which these days means we are doing things “the hard way”. But it is also the way all of the Icons of Tone were built back in the day, so it is truly the best way to produce those beloved tones and the ones that evolved from them.

All London Power studio equipment is designed and built in Canada. Hand assembled. Hand soldered. Hand tested.

Specialty tools built by artisans for artisans.

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Showing all 6 results