Rack-Mount Chassis from Hammond


London Power offers chassis to house your projects!

These rack-mount chassis are manufactured in Canada by Hammond Mfg., and come as “knock down” pieces that bolt together with four screws per panel. The rack mounting ears can be left off if the unit is to sit on a shelf instead of being mounted in an equipment rack. The external components are thick aluminum, with four steel corner inserts for support and attachment of the panels to each other.

Aluminum is easy to drill and cut holes into, so it is a perfect choice for hobbyists and amp builders requiring a cost-effective and versatile chassis choice.

1U rack-mount chassis

The top, bottom, sides and rack ears are finished in black textured semi-gloss powder-coat paint. Top and bottom panels are interchangeable and are ventilated. The front and rear are also interchangeable, one having smooth black paint and the other having smooth white paint.

The manufacturer produces six chassis heights, from 1U to 6U (we currently offer 1U and 2U), and three chassis depths (front to back). The standard depth is 13″ (330mm), but the 1U and 2U are available in a shallower depth of 8″ (203mm). The 1U to 2U range is the most useful to hobbyists and small builders, but contact us if you are interested in 3U to 6U models and we may be able to assist.

1U-8 – Single Rack Space Chassis 8″ deep
1U-13 – Single Rack Space Chassis 13″ deep
2U-8 – Two Rack Space Chassis 8″ deep
2U-13 – Two Rack Space Chassis 13″ deep

For application diagrams, see Hammond Chassis Applications.