3-D Analog Stereo Reverb

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$3,240 CND (approx. $2,600 USD) Tube Drive
$2,680 CND (approx. $2,150 USD) Solid-State Drive

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London Power’s 3-D Analog Stereo Reverbs use linear circuitry only – no digital – so signal purity is retained and even the smallest signals are handled gently. 3-D is offered as hybrid tube + solid-state circuitry or as solid state, always with a full-length Accutronics delay line at its heart. We offer it in four forms:

3-D T – Stereo Analog Reverb System, tube drive and recovery, without routing LEDs $3,240 CAN, approx. $2,600 USD
3-D TL – Stereo Analog Reverb System, tube drive and recovery, with routing LEDs $3,240 CAD, approx. $2,600 USD
3-D S – Stereo Analog Reverb System, solid-state drive and recovery, without routing LEDs $2,680 CAD, approx. $2,150 USD
3-D SL – Stereo Analog Reverb System, solid-state drive and recovery, with routing LEDs $2,680 CAD, approx. $2,150 USD

London Power 3-D Analog Stereo Reverb Unit
London Power 3-D Analog Stereo Reverb Unit

London Power’s 3-D tube reverb is legendary in its warmth and clarity. Today’s 3-D offers this same quality with modern connectivity, now in a smaller package of just 1U. Our proprietary push-pull reverb driver produces warm tube tone with much greater clarity and lower noise than traditional tube drivers. Recovery of the reverb sound from the full-length Accutronics delay line is all-tube.

3-D tube reverb uses one each of 12AT7 and 12AX7, or equivalent
3-D tube reverb proprietary push-pull tube driver and low-noise recovery
3-D solid-state reverb has drive and recovery voiced for natural warmth
• can be set for ‘reverb-only’ output
• unity gain and unity-phase from input to output
• line-level or instrument-level
• pristine sound for hifi, broadcast or theater sound
• regulated voltages
• RCA phono plugs for input and output
• low-noise input and mixing circuitry
• impedance-matched ground-compensated TRS 1/4″ output jacks
• available with or without panel LEDs for routing functions
• remote reverb mute
• 1U 3.4kg,h 17″W x 1.7″H x 6.5″ D (plus tubes)
• 120V, 240V range switch
• rack-mountable with optional kit

3-D T & 3-D TL use London Power’s proprietary push-pull reverb driver and custom transformers to drive a full-length Accutronics delay line with a warm but pristine signal, recovered through multiple tube stages to produce a lush ambience that sounds very natural. For those who want an analogue reverb but without tubes, we offer an all-solid-state version that is voiced for a warm, clear, natural sounding reverb tone. The solid-state 3-D variants are called 3-D S & 3-D SL. The tube and solid-state 3-D have the same controls and inputs and outputs, so the description that follows applies to all 3-Ds.

Signal level going to and from the delay line is controlled by Depth and Reverb respectively.

London Power 3-D Reverb Unit - rear
London Power 3-D Reverb Unit – rear

The routing switches allow many combinations of acoustic treatment. The input signals A & B can be routed to their respective outputs and/or to the reverberation block. The ambient signal can be sent to either output or both outputs. This capability allows one to set the outputs to be ambient information only, which if sent to surround amplifiers and speakers in a multi-way system can provide a very realistic room reverb effect. With reverb mixed into both main outputs along with the “dry” input signals, reverberation will sound as it should, with right-channel sounds echoed on the left and vice versa. The signal is handled by gold-plated relay contacts for absolute fidelity.

The reverb sound can be muted using a front-panel switch or via remote foot switch (not included).

In a home stereo or hifi system, 3-D is transparent to the main signal path, adding only the ambient sound. Signal phase and level are unchanged. RCA phono connections facilitate the usual unbalanced wiring of such systems, and for semi-pro studio use. TRS 1/4″ jacks provide ground-compensated and impedance-matched output drive, eliminating ground loops.

A version of 3-D with no routing LEDs is available for a “stealthier” look in a home theatre equipment stand.

3-D can be used at instrument signal levels (-20dB). A gain boost for the reverb drive is provided, labelled 20dB. This assures there will be ample reverb effect even with low-level input signals.

3-D incorporates all of London Power’s standard design and construction features:

• toroidal power transformers
• worldwide mains compatibility
• fusing for all transformer windings
• Galactic Grounding (read about this in our book, The Ultimate Tone Vol. 3, or ask us)
• active hum filtering
• long-life capacitors
• low noise metal-film resistors
• metal-oxide and wire-wound power resistors
• zero wiring except for the delay-line fly-leads
• zero standby power when switched ‘off’

3-D can be rack mounted using the optional 1U6-BRKT, sold as pairs.

“The reverb sound is beautiful… really natural…”

“This is the best tube reverb I’ve heard in a long time”

Photo Gallery:

London Power 3-D Reverb Unit
London Power 3-D Reverb Unit
Right back panel of London Power's 3-D Solid-State model
Right back panel detail of 3-D Solid-State model