Offline Ordering

Visa MasterCard Interac eTransfer

Offline ordering is available for Canadian, USA and international orders.

  • Credit Card (most countries)
  • Bank Transfer (world-wide)
  • e-Transfer (Canada only)
  • Cheque (Canada only)

Register on our site, and then simply browse the catalogue and select your desired items. You can get a shipping estimate by clicking on the Shopping Cart, then the ship rate link, and then enter your location details. Contact London Power and we will process your order after verifying the ship charge.

You may also make your entire order by phone during our business hours, or ask any questions via phone or email before or after ordering:
11am – 6pm Monday to Friday, Eastern Standard Time, excluding holidays

Customs duties or import taxes on international shipments are the responsibility of the customer.

Credit Card
We accept major credit cards from most countries. The preferred cards are Visa and Mastercard, and we also accept Discover and Amex (American Express). The credit card company will make the currency exchange as required, and on your statement you will see the original Canadian Dollar (CAD) amount along with your local currency amount.

Bank Transfer
Bank Transfer is available world-wide. In some locations, this may be the only payment option. Bank Transfer is also the only method accepted for Amp & Gear orders. There is a $14 fee levied by the bank for each transfer which must be covered by your money transfer.

To determine the cost of your order, browse the site and collect items in the shopping cart, then click on the cart and then on the ship rate link. Enter some details about your locale and see what shipping options are available to your area. Add the shipping option selected to the product total, then add the $14 fee. This total is what must appear in our account before your order will be released. Your bank will do any currency conversion required and charge you what is needed for the prescribed end total to appear.

Your bank will need banking information from London Power to process the wire transfer:
** contact London Power for this info**

The funds transfer can take up to three business days, depending on where you are located.

Interac eTransferAbout Interac e-Transfer – for Canadians
Canadian customers have the additional option of paying using Interac e-Transfer, a simple and secure service available through your online banking.
1. Browse our catalogue. Then contact London Power to confirm your order total and arrange a “security question” for your transfer.
2. Access your online banking at any major Canadian institution and click on “Transfers.” Interac e-Transfer will be one of your options.
3. The first time you use e-Transfer, your online banking service will ask you to select a password, just for use with e-Transfer.
4. Enter your order total, our name (London Power) and our email address ([email protected]). You will also be asked to enter the “security question.”
4. Click to send the e-Transfer. We will receive it via email within an hour.
5. Your bank will send you an email indicating the transaction is complete.

Depending on the services included in your online banking, e-Transfer may be free or there may be a fee of up to $2 per transfer. Amounts that can be transferred may depend on your Interac daily limit.

Customers in Canada can order by mail using cheques from chartered banks or trust companies. Prior to mailing your cheque, determine the order total either by contacting London Power by phone, or by going online, adding items to the shopping cart, clicking on the cart, clicking on the ship rate link, entering details of your locale and selecting a shipping option. Make sure that the quick online method has shown your taxes as well. You may make your cheque out for the total, and mail to London Power.

Other Payment Methods
We do not accept payments by money order, PayPal or Western Union. PayPal is not a bank, but rather is a payment intermediary, and is not subject to the same regulations as banks. This puts both the purchaser and the vendor at increased risk. Western Union has recently increased its service charges, putting its services out of reach of most customers. Please contact London Power to discuss payment alternatives.