CCK – Circuit Card Kit

CAD $68.00


  • 200 eyelets
  • one piece of 6″ x 12″ x 1/16″ thick glass-epoxy card stock
  • hand staking tool
  • drill bit
  • permanent marker

This package allows you to make your own circuit cards (also known as eyelet boards). Clear instructions explain how to lay out your own circuit, how to install eyelets with the hand staking tool, and how to mount components.

The advantages of eyelet construction include allowing servicing of the completed assembly from one side of the card – unlike a printed circuit board which requires access to both sides, or a turret board which requires unwrapping of component leads for removal or replacement of parts.

Enough material is included in this kit to make cards for a preamp, power amp, power supply, reverb, and switching circuit – essentially any conventional guitar amp circuit.

For your reference, one piece of card stock and 200 eyelets is typically enough to build a conventional amp (e.g., Plexi, Deluxe, etc.). Two pieces of card stock and approximately 400 eyelets are needed to build the Standard Amp project from our book The Ultimate Tone, Vol. 5 (TUT5).

Once you build your first circuit card, you will never build any other way!

CCK comes with comprehensive notes including layout tips, eyelet installation instructions, and advice on cutting the card material and on soldering.