TX364 – 150H Choke

CAD $30.00

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Hobbyists and amp builders can now use some of the same high-quality transformers and chokes found in London Power’s own amp line. Our chokes have flux bands and the leads are colour coded to allow optimal hum-free connection to the circuit.


  • 8mA-DC
  • channel mount (horizontal; 2-bolt)
  • flux band
  • weight: 2 oz or 110g

Applications: preamps and EQs. Use it in screen supplies of amps up to 10W. Use it in plate supplies for SE amps up to 500mW.

Dimensions: 1.6H x 2.9W x 1.6D (over bells), 41 x 74 x 41mm

Mounting centers: 1.4″, 36mm