FS4-2W – 4-Voice Footswitch with 2-way Communication

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London Power Footswitch for Pro Gear

FS4-2W is London Power’s two-way footswitch controller to match our 4-voice preamps.

• 4-voice controller
• direct-random-access voice-to-voice
• 2-way communication with audio unit
• two DIN6 connectors for versatile connection
• all-discrete circuitry
• through-hole parts for serviceability
• no computers or software
• powered from host preamplifier
• tough stainless-steel chassis
• 16″w x 4″d x 1.5″h (406 x 101 x 38mm), 1.52kgFS4-2W Footswitch

FS4-2W Footswitch from London Power

London Power’s SUPER-STANDARD has a two-channel tube tone generator plus an effects loop, providing four voice combinations, as A, B, Ax, Bx. Two front-panel switches on the preamp face plate access all the combinations of channel and loop on/off, as will two push-on/off foot switches connected via the rear-panel 1/4″ TRS jack. When using either of these switching options, there will be times when both switches must be manipulated to get from one voice to another. With FS4-2W connected through the special 6-pin DIN jack, direct random access can be achieved, going from any voice to any other voice using a single switch transaction.

FS4-2W has four footswitch buttons, where each selects a specific voice of the preamplifier AND auto-cancels the previous selection. You can go from one channel with the effects loop ‘on’ to the other channel with the loop ‘off’ by hitting just one button.

FS4-2W does something no other remote controller does: it has two-way communication with the preamplifier. This means you can hit a switch on EITHER the preamp or FS4-2W and the preamp voice will change, as will the LED status at both the preamp and the FS4-2W. This is something London Power has been doing with its remote controllers since 1990; players working on large stages love it. A further enhancement allows connection of multiple FS4-2Ws as each has two DIN connectors. The player can have a foot controller at stage-left and at stage-right, plus the front-panel controls of the preamplifier, allowing him or her to change the system voice from anywhere on the stage – and all control positions show the correct system status.

Because FS4-2W has two connection points, you can actually connect it to two preamplifiers. This is great in a “stereo” rig where identical preamps or dissimilar ones are used together, but their voices are always switched together, i.e. simultaneously.

All of this capability is achieved using only serviceable, through-hole components, discrete circuitry and no computers. These are simple tasks, so why would you need a computer? The technology is time-tested and reliable. The footswitch buttons are very sturdy Switchcraft types that the player can stand on. The housing is 16-gauge stainless steel – again, sturdy enough to stand on.

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London Power's FS4-2W Footswitch - top viewed from rear
FS4-2W Footswitch – top viewed from rear