2U – Two Rack Space Chassis

CAD $215.00CAD $245.00


Aluminum rack-mount chassis 2U tall (3.5″, 88mm) and 8″ deep (203mm). Textured black paint, except on the interchangeable front and rear panels which are smooth white and smooth black. These are a standard Hammond product.

This chassis is ideal for a single or multiple preamp kit(s) plus power supply. For instance, our PSU-PRE preamp power supply mounts horizontally, with the PRE board(s) mounted vertically using right-angle brackets. Tubes are typically horizontal, but can be vertical if an insulating board is sandwiched between the chassis bottom and the audio PCB. This applies to preamp tubes only – EL-84s are too tall for a vertical orientation and must be horizontal in this chassis. Ventilation is good. Use with any of these London Power kits: F-PRE, D-PRE, LP-PRE, M-PRE, S-PRE or Z-PRE, and/or with BFX and LINE.

Note: When incorporating multiple kits, e.g. to produce a 3+ channel preamp, use the 13″ deep chassis rather than the 8″. With tubes, space is your friend 🙂 .

Ideal for fully featured stand-alone effects loops using our BFX Bet All-Tube Effects Loop Kit, or multiple BFXs powered by PSU-PRE.

See our Rack-Mount Chassis page for more information.