Q-LED – Four LEDs for Amp Panel

CAD $15.00


Q-LED, a member of London Power’s Q-system of switching kits, is an assembly of four LEDs on a PCB. You can support it atop our Q-SW Four-Way Panel Switch Assembly Kit for a clean, modern appearance, or you can tied it to the amplifier front panel using two brackets.

Q-LED includes four 3mm round green LEDs.

The LEDs can be completely independent in their wiring to whatever circuit drives them, or you can use them in a common-anode configuration, or even wire them in series with taps available for current-steering control. Six links provide this versatility, typically installed three at a time. This allows you to accommodate the LED driver circuitry on any of Q-LATCH, Q-FET, Q-RLY and Q-VX.

Q-LED assembly is easy with its high-quality PCB and kit notes.

Requires assembly.

PCB size: 1.8 x 0.9″, 46 x 23mm

For more information:
– see our page, About Our Switching Kits
– download our informative PDF: London Power Switching Kits Selection & Application (135 kB, 22 pages)