RLY – Mechanical Relay

CAD $12.00


London Power’s RLY kit is comprised of a miniature 12Vdc mechanical relay on a PCB to make wiring easy.

Mechanical relays provide complete isolation of the control circuitry and the switched circuitry. This makes them ideal for switching high-voltage features such as rectifiers, triode-pentode mode, etc. The relays selected have a life expectancy of up to 10-million cycles.

RLY has two poles, each with normally open and normally closed positions. These represent the contact state when the relay coil is not powered. The contacts can be wired for series or shunt switching, as required for the circuit to be controlled.

Use a single RLY for triode-pentode switching of a complete push-pull output stage. Although a single RLY could switch LP-PRE, it is better to use two RLYs to prevent the risk of oscillation. Similarly, two RLYs should be used to switch D-PRE. RLY can also be used for effects loop bypassing, preamp channel selection, output tube selection, or any other switching requirement.

Use with a latching panel switch, such as PSW, or a latching foot switch, such as FSW.

RLY may be used with our DFC, Q-RLY or Q-SF kits for sophisticated system control.

Power requirement: 12Vdc at 12mA
PCB size: 1″ square, 25mm square

See also:

FSW – Push-on/push-off latching foot switch

PSW – Toggle-style panel switch

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– see our page, About Our Switching Kits
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