LINE – Dual Output Buffer Kit

CAD $46.00CAD $160.00


The LINE kit is two buffer circuits with transformer-isolated outputs. These output buffers can be fed from a common signal source or from independent signal sources. Using the LINE buffer after a preamp or EQ output will help retain the tones created while driving long cables to external amplifiers or mixing consoles.

Power requirements: 12V-150mA; 320V-4mA

This item includes PCB, tube socket and components, and helpful installation notes including layout and schematic diagrams of the kit.

PCB: 5.4 x 1 5″ 137 x 38mm

Allow approx. 1.3″ or 33mm over transformers, or to accommodate tube in socket.

Available configurations:
Standard DIY Kit (LINE-COMP) – Complete kit with board, tube socket, parts and notes: assembly required.
Pre-assembled – for External Tubes (LINE-EXT) – Board pre-assembled, configured for external tubes. Notes included.
Pre-Assembled – for Internal Tubes (LINE-INT) – Board pre-assembled, configured for internal tubes. Notes included.
Hard-to-Find Parts Only (LINE-HP) – PCB, tube socket and transformers, plus notes.
PCB Only (LINE-PCB) – PCB only, plus notes.

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