PSU-H1 – Single-Tier Split-Rail Power Supply

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PSU-H1 is our single-tier, split-rail power supply. It represents the most common type of power supply used to support solid-state power amplifiers since 1970. In power amplifiers, symmetric positive and negative voltages or “split rails” allow for designs that do not require a coupling capacitor to the speaker. This has the dual benefits of allowing for the use of a smaller power transformer, and of improving bass response.

In our modern era of class-G and class-H power amplifiers using supply-rail switching, the foundational split-rail supply is classified as “H1”, meaning no rail switching is used.

We provide PSU-H1 as PCB-only with notes, or with components, or fully assembled. Resistors are metal film or flame-proof metal oxide; capacitors are up to 35mm diameter snap-mounts; fuses are 5x20mm slow-blow; and the bridge can be bolted to the chassis. There is provision for a LED. We include mounting hardware in the -COMP and -BLT versions. There is provision for 100Vac, 120Vac and 240Vac mains wiring.

The versions with components are available with either 40V, 63V or 100V filter caps.
40V will support up to 60W into 8-ohms
63V will support up to 160W into 8-ohms
100V will support up to 400W into 8-ohms**
**additional filtering is required for adequate performance

Although PSU-H1 is offered for use with power amplifiers, it can be used for low-voltage circuitry such as preamps and mixers, or for very high-voltage circuitry such as exotic OTL tube power amps. Great for lab work, too. The notes detail how to choose components.

Power transformers are sold separately, or are provided by the user.