TUT Deal – All Six Volumes

CAD $485.00


The Ultimate Tone (TUT) book series is the definitive collection for tube amp tinkerers and modders.

is all six volumes of The Ultimate Tone series. Buying the books separately would cost $530 plus postage for each separate shipment, but together they are just $485 with one postage charge.

TUT-DEAL contains 1,930 pages and 2,002 schematic figures – all focused on musical instrument amplifiers.

TUT-DEAL is less expensive than a college education and there are no exams! Just pure fun learning about guitar amps; how they work; how to build them; how to modify them; what technology will be coming to amps in the near and distant future; how to separate the hype from the truth in manufacturers’ claims.

Each volume of the TUT series provides its own focus and information. You deserve all six volumes of The Ultimate Tone! For more details, see the descriptions of each volume.

TUT1The Ultimate Tone
TUT2The Ultimate Tone Vol. 2
TUT3The Ultimate Tone Vol. 3
TUT4The Ultimate Tone Vol. 4
TUT5The Ultimate Tone Vol. 5
TUT6The Ultimate Tone Vol. 6

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