PM12 – Plus/Minus 12V Power Supply

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PM12 is a 12V power supply that provides +/-12Vdc for low-voltage opamp circuitry and switching circuits.

  • Very low noise
  • Universal fusing for world-wide mains compatibility
  • Semi-toroidal transformer for low-EMI
  • Long-life 10,000-hour caps
  • Metal-film resistors
  • PM12-6 is regulated +/-12Vdc at 175mA; PM12-12 is regulated +/-12Vdc at 350mA
  • Ground-link-isolator built in to avoid ground loops
  • Compact size: 4″ x 2.5″ x 1″H (102 x 64 x 26mm)

PM12 12V Power Supply is a low-noise linear power supply providing symmetric voltage outputs, aka “split rails”, to power opamps, discrete circuitry and switching circuitry. As a linear supply, PM12 is cleaner, quieter and more environmentally friendly than a modern switch-mode power supply (SMPS). An SMPS may appear less expensive, but its modules generate noise and require costly noise filtering.

PM12 requires assembly and includes all components, PCB and kit notes.
Kit notes show schematic, board layout, mounting and wiring.

Available Variations of 12V Power Supply (select above):

6-watt version (PM12-6)
12-watt version (PM12-12)

The 6-watt version is pictured above.

Here is the 12-watt version:

PM-12 - 12V Version, Power Supply Kits from London Power
PM-12 – 12 watt version – click to enlarge


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