TX316 – Push-Pull Reverb Driver Transformer

CAD $58.00


Hobbyists and amp builders can now use some of the same high-quality transformers and chokes found in London Power’s own amp line. Our TX316 push-pull reverb driver transformer has become a new icon for clean-yet-warm tube reverb tone.

Push-pull drive allows much lower hum through the reverb tank compared to conventional SE tube reverb drivers, and promotes better note articulation with distorted tones.


  • 12AT7 plates to 8-ohms
  • push-pull drive for low THD+N
  • potted PCB mount
  • 1/4 the size of conventional reverb transformers

Applications: Used in London Power’s proprietary push-pull reverb drive circuit. Use it to drive Fender-style low-z-input reverb tanks.