All 11 Books by Kevin O’Connor!

CAD $641.00


ALL ELEVEN of Kevin O’Connor’s Audio Books!

Order all eleven current books by Kevin O’Connor, and save money!

At a substantial savings, you’ll get:
TUT1The Ultimate Tone
TUT2The Ultimate Tone Vol. 2
TUT3The Ultimate Tone Vol. 3
TUT4The Ultimate Tone Vol. 4
TUT5The Ultimate Tone Vol. 5
TUT6The Ultimate Tone Vol. 6
POPPrinciples of Power
TOTTonnes of Tone
RSGReady Set Go!
SPKRSpeaker Book
SSHSecrets and Secret Holders

Read yourself silly – and then build your masterpiece.

Bought individually, these books would cost $701. Buying as a set provides a significant savings PLUS a substantially reduced shipping cost. How great is that?

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