M-PRE – British-Style Preamp Kit

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M-PRE produces traditional British rock and metal sounds. The card allows wiring as a dual-volume preamp capturing the plexi vibe, or as a master-volume Marshall 800-style preamp for 1970s-era distortion. A modern update of these circuits allows much more dynamic tone control. Two 12A_7s allow tonal diversity. Local supply decoupling is included.

Use M-PRE as the distortion channel along with our F-PRE Fender-Style Preamp Kit as a clean channel for the highly sought after Fender-clean plus Marshall-crunch tone combo. Modern shredders can use M-PRE as the rhythm channel combined with our Z-PRE High-Gain Preamp Kit as the lead channel.

The board has silk-screening on both sides which allows you to stuff the components appropriately for INTERNAL or EXTERNAL TUBES. For INTERNAL, all the components are on the same side of the board; for EXTERNAL the components are on the opposite side from the tube sockets.

• Level-A / Gain
• Level-B / Volume
• Treble
• Mid
• Bass

Power requirements: 12V-300mA; 320V-4mA

Use our PSU-PRE Preamp Power Supply Kit or similar to build a stand-alone preamp.

Combine with our AMP-25 to build an integrated amp.

London Power M-PRE Preamp Kit parts
M-PRE parts

This item’s “Standard DIY Kit” configuration includes PCB, tube sockets and components, and helpful installation notes including layout and schematic diagrams of the kit.

Configurations available for purchase:

Standard DIY kit (PCB + resistors + tube sockets + caps + notes) (M-COMP)
Pre-assembled kit – Internal tubes (M-BLT-N)
Pre-assembled kit – External tubes (M-BLT-X)
Hard parts only (M-HP)
PCB + notes only (M-PCB)

For more info on London Power Preamp Kits, see our Selecting a Preamp Kit page.

Need a chassis for your preamp project? See our Rack-Mount Chassis page, or browse under Building Supplies.

PCB size: 4.5″ x 1.5″ (115mm x 38mm)

M-Pre Preamp kits with notes

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