LTX – Line Transformer + XLR or TRS

CAD $46.00CAD $80.00


LTX is a line output interface that incorporates a transformer to provide galvanic isolation and balanced or unbalanced line driving. LTX should be driven by a low-impedance circuit, such as a tube cathode-follower, or solid-state buffer (emitter-follower, source follower, op amp).

The transformer insulates the grounds between the sending circuit, where LTX is mounted, and the receiving circuit, such as a distant amplifier, mixing console, or recording equipment. The 1:1 transformer provides no voltage gain or loss and its output is “floating”, meaning that the wiring into the next piece of equipment determines whether the connection is balanced or unbalanced. The full-size XLR provides industry-standard connection , where the 3-wire 1/4″ TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) is a smaller and less expensive alternative cable-wise.

LTX can be added to London Power’s S-PRE Spectrum Bass Preamp to drive long cables or a mixing console input.

PCB size: 1.9″ x 1.1″, 49 x 28mm
Size with transformer and jack: 2″ x 1.1″ x 1.1″, 51 x 28 x 28mm
Allow 0.2″, 6mm under the board for solder connections

LTX is available in five variations:

LTX-PCB is just the blank PCB plus kit notes

LTX-TRS includes PCB, transformer, a TRS 1/4″ jack, kit notes

LTX-T-BLT is an assembled LTX-TRS plus kit notes

LTX-XLR includes PCB, XLR-male connector, kit notes

LTX-X-BLT is an assembled LTX-XLR plus kit notes