LP-PRE – Two-Channel Preamp Kit

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LP-PRE is based on London Power’s STANDARD Preamplifier presented in our book The Ultimate Tone (TUT1) and used our own amp line. The clean channel is distinctly warm and “North American”, à la Fender. The lead channel can be tailored for a wide variety of crunch and distortion sounds, up to 1970s saturation levels – anything from Marshall crunch to “modified” saturation. Any 12A_7 types can be used, with maximum gain achieved by fitting two 12AX7s.

Local supply decoupling is included. Channel switching can be provided by use of our Electronic Relay Kit (ERK), or through use of two of our RLY relay kits.

The board has silk-screening on both sides which allows you to stuff the components appropriately for INTERNAL or EXTERNAL TUBES. For INTERNAL, all the components are on the same side of the board; for EXTERNAL the components are on the opposite side from the tube sockets.

• Clean Level
• High
• Mid
• Low
• Drive
• Lead Level
• High
• Mid
• Low

London Power LP-PRE preamp kits parts
LP-PRE parts

Power requirements: 12V-300mA; 160-450V-4mA
Use our PSU-PRE Preamp Power Supply or similar to build a stand-alone preamp.
Combine with AMP-25 to build an integrated amp.

This item includes PCB, tube sockets and components, and helpful installation notes including layout and schematic diagrams of the kit.

Configurations available for purchase:

Standard DIY kit (PCB + resistors + tube sockets + caps + notes) (LP-COMP)
Pre-assembled kit – Internal tubes (LP-INT)
Pre-assembled kit – External tubes (LP-EXT)
Hard parts only (LP-HP)
PCB + notes only (LP-PCB)

For more info on London Power Preamp Kits, see our Selecting a Preamp Kit page.

Need a chassis for your preamp project? See our Rack-Mount Chassis page, or browse under Building Supplies.

PCB size: 7.2″ x 1.5″ (183mm x 38mm)

London Power LP-PRE preamp kit with notes

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