TREM – Tremolo Level Tracker

CAD $18.00


Our Tremolo Level Tracker kit provides automatic tremolo modulation depth control with Power Scale control adjustment for amps that have bias-modulated tremolo.

Maybe you don’t need TREM…

If your amp has a specific input jack for a tremolo or vibrato channel, it DOES NOT require TREM when Power Scaling. This includes vintage Vox AC-30 and most Fender amps built since 1963.

But maybe you do…

Many amps have bias-modulated tremolo, and most newer models use solid-state circuitry to generate the trem signal. These oscillator circuits cannot be Power Scaled, but their output can be controlled to track the power level set by a Power Scale control.

In the case of modern Vox amps with tremolo – or any cathode-biased amp with trem – TREM can be added along with our Power Scaling Kit for Cathode Bias (SV2) and our Voltage Clamp Kit (VCK) for a complete solution: SV2 provides the Power Scaling; VCK keeps tone intact at low power settings; TREM keeps the tremolo depth in correct proportion.

Fixed-biased amps with bias-modulated tremolo include the Fender Princeton / Reverb, the Traynor Guitarmate, and many others. In these amps, one extra capacitor is required with TREM to provide tremolo tracking with power level. Let us know what amp you are working on and we will include this cap if required.

TREM is very small and light and can be supported by the wiring itself, or it can be tied to the wire loom using a zip tie or similar.

This wee kit requires assembly (but only a wee amount).

See our Power Scaling FAQ.